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Josh did excellent work for our project. He was a good communicator, and exceeded my expectations for the quality of work. He kept me updated constantly and completed all work in a timely manner. I will definitely be in touch in the future for other projects.Read More

Josh did a great job on our minor bathroom remodel. Initially the job was just to replace the existing bathroom fan with a new one, but the scope grew when Josh opened up the ceiling and discovered two layers of moldy drywall. He rolled with the punches and devised a new solution. He also took proactive steps to protect the new material from future degradation by mixing a mold killer into the primer paint. Throughout the whole process Josh was very communicative and flexible with scheduling.Read More

Josh and team built a new fence for us. He was extremely communicative and discussed a variety of options up front. The cost/budget process was very transparent. He kept us posted throughout the project, and the finished work was very well done. We're very happy with the work!Read More

We took on a kitchen remodel and needed some detail wood work to complete the project. The Azimuth team went out of their way to find the pieces we needed and installed with the utmost attention to detail. It was a pleasure working with them and will definitely reach out for our next project.Read More

We recently completed our fourth remodeling project working with Azimuth Works. They do excellent work. Josh and his team are easy to work with. Great communication. We have also gotten great consultations on colors, materials and other things. So far they've installed a sliding door, painted and trimmed a room and built us a new patio, and restored our fence. We're having them build us a pergola next. Highly recommend their team. Sent from my iPhoneRead More

Azimuth Works is ideal: Skill coupled the right tools and the right attitude. It’s done once and it’s done right. What a refreshing change! I had a plumbing project go awry, and Josh Sanderson acted as my advocate: everything was corrected at no additional cost to me!!Read More

I enjoyed working with Jonathan. He was on time for the job. He executed the work specified in a timely manner and he did not invoice until the job was complete. I would recommend him to anyone.Read More

I’m very pleased with Azimuth Works, and will hire them for additional upcoming jobs. Briefly, Azimuth Works was responsive, punctual, took appropriate covid precautions, knowledgable and explained things along the way, efficient in time and thorough in their work, creatively and effectively problem solved, offered me multiple ideas for solutions (I’ve not lived in a 100 year old building before and it offers me challenges I’ve not previously encountered) and explanations about the various ideas/options. I’m excited to hire Azimuth Works for the next job in the coming days/weeks! Specifically, Azimuth Works did: Assembled a desk 28”x60” sit-stand desk, motorized, with drawers. Repaired a microwave cart that had been assembled incorrectly by someone else. Assessed what options I have for curtain rod installation based on the wall structure in this 100 year old building.Read More

Josh was very responsive, friendly and very clean with his work. He was also great at texting and letting us know when he was on his way here. He has every tool in a nice neat little pull around cabinet that made us feel confident he could do the work with the tool he has. It is clear he takes his work serious just by the amount of tools he has that are kept neat and tidy in a pull cabinet. We would definitely hire him again for other projects.Read More

Josh did some drywall repairs, some bathroom fixture installation and some capentry work. Quality work and good to have the jobs taken off our list.Read More

My issue was a strange musty smell in the basement that was triggering my wife's allergies. I had no idea. Where Josh excelled was creative problem solving. This was a hard-to-specify problem. Josh worked collaboratively with me. He identified where the smell was strongest. He removed a cupboard and discovered an unexplained hole in the foundation wall. This turned out great because the hole was carrying wires (security, internet) which I'd long puzzled about, and thanks to Josh's discovery we could get fiber-optic internet into the house. He solved the problem by sealing up the hole. (there were also several other projects around the house). What I appreciated most was that we could do collaborative investigative work together. I was unable to give a clear up-front statement about what work was needed. It was only through Josh's investigation and collaboration that I was able to understand and state the work required, and also learn about my house.Read More

Josh and Azimuth were fantastic to work with. Josh was super responsive and very professional. He was also a great conversationalist, helping provide information on reasons for his choices as he worked to hang some large floating shelves in my kitchen. It helped me understand my own house more deeply, and also why I had run into issues of my own previously. He came fully prepared and I'm super pleased with the results.Read More

I was very impressed with the work Azimuth did on my house. Josh provided an accurate estimate, completed the work on time, and finished at the low-end of our budget. The work was very high quality and we are very pleased with the results. We will definitely be looking to hire Azimuth again for future projects!Read More

Working with the Azimuth Works team was easy. They made it very easy for us to fit this project in and got it done very efficiently. Knowledgeable - The Azimuth Works team helped us diagnose the problem we were having with our window and explained what was wrong The Azimuth Works team fixed the problem we were having correctly, the first time, in one visit. Knowledgeable, effective, professional and provided helpful guidance. We'll definitely call them again when our next house project comes up.Read More

Working with Josh Sanderson of Azimuth Works Inc. has been a pleasure. Josh's work has been outstanding. He has been reliable, and easy to work with. I will work with Aziumth Works Inc. again.Read More